Skateboarders, don't hate the snow! There is a solution!

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’...except for skateboarders. Winter and snow are enemies for the streets skater but not anymore! We have the solution - snowskateboards!

Normally, when the city gets covered in snow and your favorite skatepark looks more like winter wonderland, you should either sit home and cry or resort to snowboarding (which can be quite pricey). Fortunately, we got a third option for you - snowskateboarding.

The name itself speaks for what it entitles - you get a board fitted to skate the snowy streets like you would do with a normal one. Just instead of wheels, you have a sturdy, grooved bottom which allows you to slide and do all the tricks you want, from ollies to going down rails.

Apart from the missing trucks and wheels, the snowskateboards come with extra grippy surface adapted to the snow condition. In that way, you won’t risk slipping away from your otherwise perfectly-landed kickflip.

So if you don’t have a mountain close enough, and you really miss your city skate park during the Christmas season, get one of the Ambition snowskates and enjoy the winter city playground.

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