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3 parts we are looking forward to in 2019

We have gathered a few upcoming scoot parts that we are looking forward to ride in 2019. Trust us you don't want to miss out on these new products.

It's almost a new year, and this also means that all the new scoot parts and completes are starting to hit the shelves.

Here are 3 sick new scoot things we get in stock in the three first months of 2019

New crazy looking grip tape!

We are pretty excited about the new homespun SkatePro grip tape, which is made by our very own graphic designer!

It comes in 3 different designs, and we know that many of our team riders can't wait to get their hands on it when it hits our shop in February.

The signature deck of the year?

Our team rider Luis Oppel has gotten his own signature Box Cutter deck from TSI. The deck itself is a massive 5.5" in width and 22,5" long.

This gives you more room for your feet, more stability, control, and makes it easier to do grinds like Board Slides and Lip Slides.

Luis' signature deck comes with a sweet midnight blue gloss powder coating. The graphics are designed by Matt McKeen himself exclusively for Luis.

New colorways and re-designed clamps

Proto Scooters will be releasing new clean colorways of their traditional clamps. All new Proto clamps will also come with 8mm bolts instead of 6mm, which means that they will be more durable.

The Baby SCS clamp will now be made to fit oversized bars and will also include a shim to adapt it to standard bars as well.


These sweet products will be dropping during the next months, so stay tuned on our Instagram. Can't wait to look at new gear? Then check out our huge selection of scooter parts right here.

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