Ski review alert: The ski season sensation - Völkl Mantra M5

In order to give you the best advice and help you optimally, we went out and actually tested a pretty good deal of this year’s skis. First on the hotspot is the new Völkl Mantra M5.

The highlights in the fifth generation Mantra model are the 96 mm underfoot and the titanal frame. This makes the M5 4 mm thinner on the waist, compared to 100 mm in last year’s model.

The Mantra is a well-known favorite of many skiers who want a pair that suits any condition possible. Cutting off the 4 mm from the waist seems to have significantly improved the piste performance of the Mantra.

Not only long turns but also short turns are made easier with this change. Still, the Mantra M5 needs quite some speed and strength, in order to push them into the turn due to their stiffness.

This automatically makes the Völkl Mantra M5 appropriate for the more advanced skiers who can handle and know how to get the best out of high-end performance ski.

The other feature of the M5 worth mentioning is the titanal frame. Völkl states that it adds torsional rigidity and dampening through the whole ski, and so it does! You can definitely feel how stable and controllable the skis are regardless of the conditions.

You won’t get any flapping tips or instability and at the same time, you get lightness from the carbon added to the tip. So with the titanal frame, the M5 delivers lightness, rigidity, and good control both on and off the piste.

As we mentioned, you will have to push a bit hard to get into those turns but if you already know the drill, this won’t be an issue and you will surely enjoy the ride with the Mantra M5. And as any high-end product, all this quality and performance comes at a higher price compared to other skis. But with the Völkl Mantra M5, you are certainly getting an all-mountain and freeride ski into one pair without any compromises on both ends.

Final verdict: If there is a way of making a favorite even a bigger favorite, Völkl definitely nailed it with the Mantra M5. Still, with the condition that they get into the right hands, or legs, of an advanced skier.

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