YES. We got them snowboards all ready and waxed for you

If you are into freestyle snowboarding, or actually, any kind of snowboarding, bear with us! YES. snowboards are in the house, the snow is on the hills, so there is not a better combo than that.

YES. is one of the brands you should really look into if you are about to get a new board. Why? Because it is all about snowboarding with those guys!

It all started 10 years ago when the three well-known pros from Un..Inc. David Carrier-Porcheron (a.k.a DCP), Romain De Marchi, and JP Solberg were done with Burton and, together with Tadashi Fuse, decided to make their own snowboards.

The whole idea behind the project was simply to make good boards that ride amazing. They wanted to design them like they would like them, as any rider would like. A snowboard made for the pure joy of snowboarding and nothing less!

And now, marking their 10th anniversary, YES. snowboards are indeed, and proven, one of the favorites among snowboarders. The YES. boards have received plenty of Good Wood Awards which says quite a lot.

If you don’t know what Good Wood is here is the quick recap: a crazy marathon of sessions during 4 days where a talented crew of snowboarders rides and evaluates over 100 boards in both park and all-mountain conditions. If that ain’t a proof, don’t know what else is. This year, YES. grabbed awards in both park and all-mountain with their models Greats Chi, and HEL YES.

So check them out and pick your weapon of choice. In the meantime, enjoy the YES. team edit to get a bit of perspective on the seriousness of matters of snowboarding ;) Let it snow!

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