5 ways to stay safe in the dark while skating

There is no reason to stay inside just because it's dark. Get out, have fun and be safe with these products.

There's no denying it, it's winter and in many places, this also means that the days get shorter.

But that doesn't mean that you can't skate or ride scooters and BMX outside, it's only a matter of being visible in order to stay safe.

Studies show that wearing a reflector when it's dark reduces the risk of getting into an accident in traffic by 85%.

Stay visible and stay safe

Get seen in the dark with The Gotham Helmet from Triple Eight. This helmet becomes reflective in the dark and turns into the black during the day.

This model is approved for both bike and skate use. Thanks to the Fit Dial system and the Sweatsave pads, you are always sure to get the perfect and the best comfort.

Light up in the dark

Are you commuting on your scooter or maybe looking for something to make your kids more visible while riding their Globber scooter out on the street? Then the Scoot n Pull Scoot Beamz is the answer.

This smart light is easy to attach and has three settings: fast flash, slow flash, and constant light. When not activated it still functions as a reflector.

Safety first

Make sure that your kid gets seen as he/she is riding to school in the morning with a SkatePro Reflective Vest.

This vest is also perfect for activities like walking, cross-country skiing, roller skiing, roller skating and running.

Shine a light

Be visible as you are riding through traffic on your scooter or bike with Tempish Beetle LED Lights. They are easy to attach and can be mounted on the bar or on your helmet.

Add some style with light up wheels

Out cruising on your inline skates in the winter dark? Then you might consider to light up in the dark with the Powerslide Fothon LED Inline Skate Wheels.

Are you rocking a pair of quad skates then the SFR Light Up, 58mm is the perfect solution.

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