SkatePro: Supporting French blading

We were stoked to be able to sponsor the competition Dij'contest the first weekend of December. It was all about blading and having a good time at the at Dijon Skate Park in France.

Huge airs, sick grinding, and crazy flips where made when the fourth edition of the Dij'contest took place. Both kids, adults, amateurs, and pro’s competed to take home some of the fantastic prices.

The event is organized by the association AM Sports Roller Club and local passionated bladers like our team rider Florian Petitcollin, who’s coordinating the event.

Supporting the future of blading

The Dijon Skate Park is a unique place, and with the perfect mixture of a strong community and high-end facilities, the young bladers in the city have the perfect foundation to develop their skills.

We want to support such initiatives, and by sponsoring Dij'contest, we support the future of blading. AM Sports Roller Club and Dijon Skate Park have created an amazing place and a strong community where kids and adults can have fun, and where they can develop their skills” says Daniel Clausen, Public Relations & Skate Team Manager at SkatePro.

The prizes sponsored by SkatePro were helmets, protection pads, wheels, and a lot of different SkatePro merch such as hoodies, skate bags & stickers.

We might see some future action sports stars from Dijon

If you take a look at the Dijon Skate Park, there’s no doubt about that all the very passionate people and organizations behind this indoor skate hall have created a place with some good facilities.

We here at SkatePro strongly believes that a place like this plays a vital role when it comes to keeping action sport alive and growing.

The kids at Dijon Skate Park are already representing the French blading style. Many of the youngsters that rock the jump boxes in the park have the potential to either end up in FISE or maybe become first-class freestyle skiers, and that would not be the case if this park wouldn’t be there” says Daniel Clausen.


Want to see how the event went? Then go check out Dij'contest Facebook page or their website.

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