3 bikes that proves that GT bikes still holds up today

This legendary brand has been making quality BMX bikes for more than 46 years. We picked 3 bikes that prove that GT Bikes is stronger than ever.

GT bikes have always been known for making world-class bikes, and the brand has helped to shape BMX into what it is today, thanks to their innovative BMX bikes.

Today, the little SoCal company has evolved into an empire with riders all over the globe. With durable and easy-handling freestyle BMX bikes like the 18" GT Performer and The GT Slammer, GT bike cycles are certainly among the top brands in the world.

When it comes to BMX race bikes, GT is also being used by some of the best riders in the world. And with the GT Speed series, you get a light, durable and fast bike, that will take you to the top.

The perfect start to the best sport in the world

Looking for a sturdy and easy-handling, and unique looking bike to kick off your BMX career? Then the 18" GT Performer is a good choice.

This model is durable due to its high-ten steel frame and the 3-piece Chromoly crank. It also comes with sealed bearings, which mean that they will run longer without you having to maintain them.

GT hooked up with artist Boxpalm, who's doing some sweet looking drawings and graphics based on his love for BMX.

Go pro in no time

The GT Slammer is GT bikes’ take on a price friendly beginner bike that looks like the ones the pro's ride.

The size of the GT Slammer is 20" which makes it perfect for medium-sized riders. The bike is made from high-ten steel and is equipped with a durable 3-piece crank.

This bike comes with a gyro system, which allows the handlebar to turn a complete 360° rotation without the brake cables getting tangled up. In short: You can keep your brakes on, and still make barspins.

Be the first one to cross the finish line with this bike

Light, fast, and durable are the keywords when it comes to the GT Speed series.

Shave seconds off your fastest lap times, thanks to the lightweight frame and fork made of aluminum.

Fly over jumps and race over rolls without fearing that your wheels collapse due to the durable double wall rims with 36 holes.

We know it's important to find the right size, so that's also why you find this bike in two sizes a GT Speed Series Pro XL and a GT Speed Series Pro.


Be sure to check all our awesome GT BMX bikes out right here.

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