Quick Christmas present: Mission ‘complete’

If you have rushed through the whole Christmas gift shopping and realized you have forgotten your kid (it happens!), grandkid, or a mate, do not panic! A complete skateboard is a perfect solution for such an emergency.

Mind the level of the skateboarder

If your guy/girl is just starting off with skateboarding, or your gift will be the first encounters with the sport, then a complete board is definitely the way to go. It makes it easier for you to pick and at the same time, makes it easier for them to get right on, instead of the trouble of customizing the board.

Additionally, the complete should fit the level of the skateboarder. You don’t need to buy a high-end pro board for someone who cannot handle such a board and get its full potential. Instead, go for a quality beginner complete which will help him/her progress.

Verb skateboards - entry level completes with some solid artwork

Verb is one of the brands to look into if you want a good complete, for someone who is just starting with skateboarding, and if you don’t want to spend too much. They come with a durable, Canadian maple deck, hard small wheels, and some very cool graphics.

Apart from the traditional Verb logo, you can also get a complete that is also a piece of artwork. The ‘Pushing forward’ series, for example, are made as a tribute to Nelson Mandela and the famous artist and political activist Shepard Fairey. The style of Fairey is easily recognizable and iconic when it comes to the skateboarding community.

Take a step further with a Jart complete

If you are buying the Christmas complete for someone who already skates and you are in doubt of the level, it is a good idea to take it a step further and go for a board that has a bit more to it.

Jart is the perfect option here. Those completes can fit both a beginner and a more experienced skater. The price difference comes from the higher-end parts and built of the boards.

In those Jart completes you will find Iron Silver trucks, for example, and wheels that produced with an in-house urethane formula, which assures the quality of those parts.

Whichever you choose will make a nice Christmas present, for sure and will secure a 100% fun factor. If you need more inspiration or ideas, check out our skateboard section and be quick so you are sure you’ll get your order in time.


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