Christmas gifts for action-loving chicks

Drop the earrings and the bracelets and get your girl something meaningful this Christmas. We made a list with the things you can get her to actually cherish her passion for action.

Help her get a grip!

Before you take this the wrong way, we’ll quickly say this: Grizzly Leticia Bufoni grip tape! That kind of grip! Grizzly is one of the most renowned brands within grip tape and Leticia Bufoni is one of the most influential female athletes. So the combo of those two will make a loud and clear statement who runs the world!

Keep her warm on the slopes and in the powder

It’s winter after all, and a beanie will always make a perfect present. But not just any beanie, the Black Crows Bolivia beanie. What is so special? Well, Black Crows is one of the coolest companies when it comes to skiing, and especially freestyle skiing. So if your girl loves shredding the snow, this is her beanie.

Styles for mountain-loving girls

If your action sports chick is into snowboarding or skiing, she will most definitely appreciate the Picture Dad & Son Wild tee. What makes this t-shirt true mountain is not only the watercolor deer design but the fact that Picture makes all their clothes organic and eco-responsible. So this one goes for all the tree-hugger girls out there.

Make her shining brighter than the X-mas lights

Get your roller skater girl a set of those Nebula Light Up wheels from Clouds and watch her shine and roll! Those wheels are made with the highest quality urethane and...wait for it...LED diodes inside, lighting up in different colors. With those, your quad chick will be ready for the next roller disco, and she will surely be skating with style.

Talking skates…

And since we brought skates into the picture, one of the best (and also romantic) gifts in this list are the Roces Paradise Ice skates. Just imagine a pair of nicely wrapped ice-skates under the tree - beautiful! It is thematic, every girl would love it, and it will maybe give her the opportunity to live up her own ‘Cutting Edge’ story.

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