5 perfect budget gifts for a skier

Christmas can be intimidating, especially for your economy, when you need the perfect presents for those you love! If one of them is a skier, here are some suggestions that will spare you the worries and the bucks.

There is a ‘soc’ for every goggle...and taste

One of the coolest winter innovations comes from Gogglesoc. These are stretchy covers for the goggles which protect the lens from scratches and scuffing during the winter adventure time, like après ski, for example. The Gogglesocs make a nice, little present with their various and funky designs. Bonus: they are also made of recycled plastic bottles!

Shred styles on and off the snow

‘Always remember, it’s never too deep’, says the Hand of Shred tee from Planks and with that automatically categorizes as one of the coolest t-shirts for skiers. It will be a perfect fit for the devoted freerider and you will shine through with some knowledge about the core ski brands.

Old-school is the best school (at least with Black Crows)

If you are going retro this winter, go for Black Crows Nomen beanie! If you want your skier to smile from ear to ear when opening your present, these beanies are the right choice. With their old-school color schemes and, of course, the pom pom, they are the best shout out to the good old days.

Turn up the heat with Lenz heaters

This would be an unexpected and definitely practical gift for any skier - the Lenz Space Warmer for boots and gloves. Tell you that, there is nothing more terrifying than sneaking your already cold-numb feet into freezing ski boots. So give some warmth to your skier this Christmas!

New mittens are as cozy as it gets

After a knitted jumper, mittens are the second cutest and coziest Christmas present one can get. Make it Dakine Nova ski mittens and your skier will be charmed away. Those are well isolated and water repellent which means dry, happy hands while skiing. Also, the longer cuffs make sure that the snow stays on the tracks, rather than inside the skier's gloves.

If you still need some inspiration, check out our winter ski section and remember that we can even gift wrap your present!

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