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That's what snowboarders want under the X-mas tree

After some extensive research, we picked the top 5 gifts that you can get for a snowboarder even if you are on a tight budget! Those cool snow accessories will not only look good under the tree but will also come in handy.

Get them a Burger!

This is definitely not what you think! We are talking Dakine Burger Wax. It is cool, funny and perfect for all temperatures. It can be applied either as a rub-on or as hot wax, so it is very practical when they hit the slopes. You can be sure they’ll be thinking of you at least on the way down while on vacation!

Take a stance on fashion with those awesome Stance socks

When mentioning socks for a present, everyone cringes a bit. But not when it come to those ski/snowboard Stance socks. As tested by our team here at SkatePro, we can only say they are super comfortable, they are warm and they make your feet look 99.9% cooler! (Feet only look better with snowboard boots on!)

Good for a snowboarder and good for nature - Phunkshun

If you want to get your snowboarder a functional and eco-friendly, tree-hugging gift, Phunkshun neck warmers are just perfect! Each and every tube or balaclava from Phunkshun is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, and to top it up, the prints are really funky! Not to forget the good advice from Wu-Tang: ‘You best protect your neck’!

Give them comfort on and off the mountain with Sidas

They will love you forever for a gift like those Sidas Winter Feet insoles. Yes, it sounds boring but many snowboarders are also skateboarding, and they know how uncomfortable the flat skate shoes can be. Add to this discomfort, a few minus degrees and you can get the picture of how a chilly day of 360s feels. They can wear them in any shoe to get the nice cloudy feel on the feet and also get some warmth while snowboarding.

Wrap it all up in a nice bag from Picture

There is nothing more devastating than seeing your ‘baby’ being tossed around at the airport as if it is ‘just a snowboard’. So a nice snowboard bag from Picture will be a heart-warming present for any snowboarder. Everything from Picture is also responsibly manufactured so the bag will make yet another good-conscious gift!

If you want to be extra generous and sweet, well, then take a look at our snowboard section for the extra-good presents, such as boards, boots, and bindings!

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