Top gifts for scooter riders 2018

On the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift to give a scooter rider? Then you can't go wrong with our most wanted scooter parts wishlist.

So little time and so many gifts to buy. Don't worry, we made it easy for you, with these 5 awesome scooter parts.

Fixed foot fenders: The most hyped scooter part this year!

It's a must have for any street rider out there! With a Trynyty Spoiler Fender, you eliminate the risk of your foot getting caught in the wheel, or accidentally blocking the brake while doing tricks.

You cannot go wrong with a T-bar from Root

There's nothing more classic than a t-bar. And the Root Industries Oversized XL Pro Scooter T-Bar is in a league of its own.

It is durable thanks to its Chromoly steel and compared to many other bars made of the same material, the Root Industries Oversized XL bar is light.

What every rider needs to progress is a fresh pair of wheels

With the North HQ 110mm Pro Scooter Wheels, you get a sturdy pair of wheels due to their advanced core design, and at the same time a good grip thanks to the high-quality PU formula.

These wheels come in a 2-pack and with pre-installed ABEC 9 bearings as complete wheels ready to be mounted on your scooter.

Make a good deal on pegs and make somebody happy

It is not only a must for many park riders but also for a lot of street riders. With the District HT-Series Steel Pegs you are ready to hit rails, boxes and ledges.

And right now you can make a real Christmas deal on the District HT-Series Steel Scooter Peg Set. But hurry they are selling fast!

If you're in doubt give them a sheet of grip tape

Scooter riders are always in need of new grip tape since it wears out on a regular basis. With Matt Mckeen's latest signature grip tape The Passage, you are sure to give a gift that will make someone happy.

This grip tape is made by Hella Grip, which means that you are sure to get quality that lasts.


Want to see more great scoot gifts? Check out our huge selection of parts and completes.

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