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How to make a grumpy skateboarder happy on Christmas

Check out our five Christmas present suggestions that will put a smile on any skateboarder’s face. The best part - opposite to any expectations, it won’t even cost you that much.

Dickies t-shirt - a skateboarder classic!

Starting off nice and easy, we present you the Dickies Horseshoe tee. It is a classic among skateboarders, comes in different colors and its clean design is a sure shot for even the pickiest of them all. Comes at a sweet price point as well!

Support them on their way to glory with SkaterTrainers

If your beloved skateboarder is starting with the tricks and needs a hand, an awesome present will be the SkaterTrainer 2.0. Those will help the future pros elevate in their skills by making it easier to practice tricks without the board rolling away. This equals fewer injuries and more love for you!

New wheels - the practical gift

Wheels are quite an obvious and sure shot as well. Try with those Spitfire Formula Four wheels! Spitfire is known for the high-quality urethane wheels they make and come with this hypnotic design in several colors. All in all - some sick-looking, and very good wheels!

Spoil them with some ceramic bearings

Those Mosaic ceramic bearings come with an Abec 7 certification and at a decent price, considering their high-quality and the fact that usually, the ceramics are quite expensive. The beauty of ceramic bearings is that they are faster, lighter, and the same time more durable due to the production precision. Basically, the more you ride them, the better they get!

Help them carry their ‘burden’ with a skater backpack

The Element Mohave backpack is perfect for any skateboarder. In addition to the 30L space to fill up, it comes with skate strap buckles which make it easier to carry the skateboard everywhere they want. Plus, it comes from Element so it cannot get any more core than that.

BONUS! If you really love them…

...get your skaters something extra nice like the Girl Oil Slick decks! Girl is one of the brands that stand out when it comes to skateboarding and make dream decks for many. Their quality is at the top and their graphics are legendary!

And lastly, in case you need a bit more education in skateboarding and all the nitty-gritty parts, follow this link to our buyers guide ;)

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