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Why hybrid skates are the perfect choice for you

They are some of our most popular ice skates and not without reason. These skates are perfect for kids, beginners, and intermediate skaters, who want comfort, stability, and control on the ice.

Winter is here, and for many people, this means finding their ice skates and go to their local ice rink or lake to have a fun time with your family and friends. But what skates should you choose?

Are you new to ice skating or have you skated for years? Maybe looking for a pair of skates for your kid? No matter what, hybrid skates are a great solution!

Keep your feet happy

Comfort seems to be a key word when it comes to hybrid skates. All our models have a soft and padded inner boot like on fitness inline skates.

This will reduce the risk of sore feet, and it will keep your feet warmer than a pair of hockey or figure skates.

Almost like an inline skate

Think about hybrid ice skates like inline skates with blades underneath. Both of them have a soft liner offer a good support, which helps both kids and beginners to get the right stance, something that’s key if you want to succeed at ice skating.

Outrun your friends and family with a hybrid skate.

You get fast acceleration due to the fact that these kinds of skates are equipped with a stiff heel that keeps your foot in place, making sure to get a good power transfer.

Another benefit is the hockey blade which most hybrids skate have. This also helps your ability to go fast, but also keeps you stable and gives you a good maneuverability.

So, no matter if you are looking to become the king or queen of the ice rink, or just want to have a comfortable stroll these skates are a perfect choice.

Find all our hybrid skates right here.

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