Get your custom dancer longboard for some sweet bucks

It is the season of miracles, so we decided to prepare a nice surprise for all of you longboard freestylers and dancers. We made some custom Madrid package deals for some ‘not custom’ prices.

If you like floating on concrete, putting a dance move or two on the way, we got the perfect Christmas gift for you! We’ve wrapped some of our Madrid dancer/freestyle longboards with a big ribbon, and some custom setups, including picks from Caliber, Blood Orange, Venom, Cinetic, and more.

You can get the package and fine tune it (if you want) depending on your taste and preferences. For example, you can pick different colored trucks, wheels, even bushings and make your board pop out! This is a great option also for the beginners who have no idea what to get but surely want something good and custom!

So check them Madrid packages and make someone you love (or yourself) some pretty amazing Christmas gift. And if you need inspiration and think, “Ah, I will never come to use it…”, check this girl out! Ladies, wish yourself an action present this year! It will surely look good on you!

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