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Exclusive: Interview with Collin Snoek about the new TILT Theory deck

Find out what we can expect from the new Tilt deck and Collin Snoek’s thoughts when he designed it. Let’s just say that you won’t get disappointed!

There’s been a lot of hype about the new Tilt Theory deck and it feels like the guys have been testing this thing forever since we saw it for the first time on "Tuesdays at TILT".

But now it’s finally here, and what better thing than talking about the deck with the man behind the design and the owner/founder of Tilt Scooters, Collin Snoek.

The Tilt Theory deck is best suited for technical street-styled riding. You can expect better 5-0’s, better crooks, balanced whip combos like fullwhips, a solid fender, better fakie 50-50’s and 5’0s, consistent flex, and overall high quality”, Collin says and adds:

“That said, the weight and strength balance isn’t made for riders bombing off roofs. This deck is made for modern-day scootering. If you look at Instagram, the tricks I mentioned before are pretty much what everyone is doing”.

When you can't find a deck, you make one yourself

Tilt is known for making quality aftermarket parts such as forks, clamps, bars, grip tape and wheels but how did Collin come up with the idea of creating a deck?

“No other company was making a deck that I wanted to ride, so I decided to make one myself,” he says.

But it took quite some time from the moment he decided to make a deck until he could begin the actual design process.

“In 2015, I was designing a deck, but TILT literally fell apart. The other owners decided to shut TILT down. I had to fight for its survival for eleven months. In 2016, we restarted and now we got some stability within the company again, and with that, we are able to try new things like a deck!", he says.

Focusing on features that help the rider and not just what looks good

In 2016, Collin finally returned to his mission to make a Tilt deck again. But where do you start, when you haven't made a deck before? By looking at the ones available in the market!

We noticed that many other scooter companies put emphasis on a forged head tube design but this doesn’t really do anything other than looking cool. We decided that our deck should be about the riding experience. So, we asked ourselves the question - Which designs actually help the rider doing tricks?

So what did Collin find out and how does it show in the final version of the Tilt Theory deck?

Almost everyone rides with a fixed fender made of steel but steel is heavy and the fenders are annoying to keep in place. The solution is a welded on aluminum fender. The same goes for the welded dropouts, flat bottom, simple head tube, crook nook and more. The deck also whips so nice because of the central balance point. Many decks do not have the same feeling of balance.

Some major bumps on the road

Tilt Scooters almost closing down wasn’t the only problem that emerged doing the production of the Theory deck. Collin also found out that the manufacturer producing the deck made some huge mistakes.

I flew to Taiwan to help figure the problems out, and I could not believe how many problems we had. On the flight to Taiwan, I got sicker than I’ve ever been before and went to the hospital twice! I was in really bad condition. The good news is that I am healthy now and the deck issues are solved!

At the end of 2018, the Tilt Theory deck finally hit the streets. It’s been a three-year trial with some major challenges on the way. So what kept Collin going all this time? Why not just give up his deck project?

I’m super stubborn. I rarely think about what Tilt is in the moment. I regularly think about what it is in the future and work towards that. Getting sick, the manufacturer issues, and other things are just bumps along the way. The dream is always there”.

Be sure to check out "Tuesdays at Tilt Ep04" where the Tilt riders test out the new Theory deck out. Remember to stay tuned for more Tilt stories!


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