Skate Room x SkatePro - doing it all for the sake of skateboarding

If you got passion for something, you will succeed in it! Maybe a cliche but a true one, and we have the evidence. Meet Piotr and Skate Room - one of our pride and joy collabs.

About half a year ago, after a suggestion from our team rider Damian Chrobot, we started working together with Piotr Wiƛniewski - the man behind Skate Room in Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland. The reason behind choosing this collab - Piotr vibes on the same wavelength, spreading the passion for action sports.

Skate Room is a place where everyone can try and feel free doing what they love. Piotr works with many children, people with disabilities, schools, and even the nursing home two blocks from the place, where the elderly can give a push or two on the skateboards.

How did it all start?

It all started circa 3 years ago when Piotr started a sports association and afterwards joined the Polish Federation of Skateboarding. This kicked off a series of events around Poland called Extreme City. Those were oriented towards involving kids in sports - skateboarding, BMX, scootering, roller skating and blading, or actually anything to help the kids enjoy being active.

The success of Extreme City was, well, extreme! So Piotr decided to turn it up a notch and built a meeting place for everyone who was interested in those sports. With a helping hand from the municipality and a few other hands of good friends, a 13-office space started turning into ‘Skate Room’ in January 2017.

It all takes hard work, and tons of passion (and concrete)

It took the guys almost 10 months to finish the project since all of them were doing this in their spare time after work. Everything had to be done perfectly - special floors, kickers, fun boxes, everything!

All that was missing was some sweet new gear, and this is where we from SkatePro came into the picture with an arsenal of skateboards, hoodies, wheels, you name it, so they can easily get on with the workshops and classes.

And now, after a year after the project start, Piotr is happy:

“I can sleep good now, I don’t need to worry about anything. I know I can count on Damian and the other guys for the lessons and workshops. I don’t need to worry about the rent thanks to the government. Everything is running smooth and the kids are happy!”

We are looking forward to seeing what Piotr will come up with next, and one thing is for sure - we will be backing him up!

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