Collective Bikes are here to change the way you ride

With the new RT1 Ryan Taylor signature series, Collective Bikes have succeeded in making some sick quality parts for the rider who wants to take things to the next level.

Collective Bikes consists of a party of BMX riders with one of the co-founders being the pro-rider Ryan Taylor.

The brand set out to make quality bikes at a great price and last but not least, Collective Bikes wants to support and evolve the BMX industry.

The RT1 range is a direct result of Ryan Taylor’s massive involvement in the company. Every part has been specified to fit Taylor, from the RT1 Ryan Taylor Signature Frame over the RT1 fork to the Collective 20” front and the 20" rear wheel.

A pro frame at a sweet price

The Collective RT1 Ryan Taylor Freestyle BMX Frame is perfect for park riding. Its super short chainstay makes manuals, 180’s and 360’s easy.

No expenses have been cut, when it comes to the durability. This frame is made from Japanese steel, and Ryan Taylor himself has chosen to put extra reinforcements in stress areas, something that you’ll only find on high-end frames.

And did we mention the sweet looking colorway “Hybrid Black,” half gloss half matt paint, which you can only get at Collective Bikes?

A strong, stable and light fork

Light, durable, made to ride pegs, and can take fat tires - The Collective RT1 Ryan Taylor signature BMX Fork meets the high demands of Ryan.

It can take a vast amount of pressure. It’s made out of chrome steel, and with internal cut offs inside the tubing to save weight. You will not only get a light part that can take some beatings.

With a 28mm offset, this fork is made to ride park and gives you great stability when you’re riding and doing tricks.

A crazy deal on wheels

Looking for a high value for the money wheel? Then the Collective 20" BMX Front Wheel and Collective 20" BMX Cassette Rear Wheel are a perfect choice.

Both come complete with rims, tires, and inner tubes. The rear wheel is compatible with 12mm and 14mm axles, and the front wheel is compatible with 10mm.


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