Why the Globber EVO is the perfect choice for your kid

Give your kid the best possible start to the world of wheels, with the Globber EVO series. It’s not only safe and fun but also made to grow with your child.

With this unique product, you get a stroller, a kick bike and a scooter in one single product. It’s made to grow with your child and to provide the perfect foundation for training his/her motor skills and balance.

That’s why the Globber EVO is a must-have for your kid.

Made to develop with your child

Toddlers grow fast, and the Globber Evo is designed to develop with them. Turn the Evo into a stroller, and you can take your kid around town from around the age of one.

When the time comes, just remove the t-bar, and your kid will have a push bike that will provide a secure and fun foundation for hours of adventures.

You can also turn the EVO into your kid’s first scooter, which has a unique steering feature, that helps your kid to learn how to turn properly.

The steering system can also be locked, making the wheels only move forward and backward, which helps your kid to feel safe as they are learning the pushing technique.

To ensure that EVO always fits your kid perfectly, Globber made it possible to adjust the seat and handlebar.

Safe play

Is not only fun to ride the EVO, but it’s also safe. Like all the models for kids from Globber, this product is designed to last for years in the hand of your child.

In 2016 the Evo 5-in-1 won the ToyAward, primarily because of how easy it is to use, its high-quality and innovative design.

The Globber EVO is made in a robust design, which makes it suitable for kids with a weight of up to 50 kilos, and offers, thanks to the patterned deck, a lot of grip for anti-slipping.

The Globber Primo a sturdy choice

If your kid has already passed the kick bike stage, and you are looking exclusively for a scooter, Globber has made the Globber Primo, a scooter that was designed to give your kid a successful first time experience with riding.

The Primo also features the same locking system as the Evo, which makes your kid much more stable when riding out on adventures. Furthermore, the 3-wheeled setup makes it even easier to hold your balance.

The Primo comes in many different designs from a plain model in pink or blue to awesome looking models with wheels that blink when the wheels are rotating.


You can find all the products from Globber right here.

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