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Hack of the winter: Keep skating all winter long

Forget about bad weather and snow. With this easy tip, you are able to skate all year around. So what is the secret? The answer is ice skates.

Many inline skates sit at home during winter and dream about spring, getting you on the street and doing what they love.

Ice skating and inline skating are very similar to each other and the transition from asphalt to ice doesn't take long.

Get your technique straight

There are a few differences between ice skating and inline skating, and it takes a little time to adjust from one discipline to another.

With that being said there are also many similarities and many of the hybrid ice skates like the Roces Icy 3 are basically fitness inline skates with blades instead of wheels.

But there are still many “inline”-techniques you can practice on your ice skates. Some of the most popular are forward strides, crossovers, backward skating, and backward crossovers.

Stay in shape

Another benefit of going from the asphalt to the ice is that you keep yourself in shape. Ice skating activates the same muscles as inline skating including the muscles in your upper back, quads, arms, abs, glutes, hamstring muscles and thighs.

The same goes for cardio training, where skating, whether it’s on ice or asphalt produces a heart rate of at least 148 beats per minute which makes it an ideal aerobic exercise equivalent to running.

It’s also proven that regular exercise reduces stress, and remember skating is a fun thing to do with others, so get out there.

Riding with the whole family

It’s not only adults who can benefit from skating all year around. Roces has made The Roces Jokey which both comes as an inline skate and as an ice skate. And in a blue and pink color

This means that your little ones can do what they love all year long with the same boot that they are used to skate with. And what way to spend a weekend day than at your local ice rink skating together with the whole family.


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