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If you don’t know North Scooters, it’s about time. This Canadian rider-owned company is one of the most hyped brands right now.

North’s mission is to change the scooter industry by using their innovative design techniques and the best materials available to give you the craziest decks, parts and completes.

One of their most popular parts is The North Transit Legauch Deck which is made for grinding and riding street. This is all due to its boxed shape, and one-of-a-kind system which prolongs the life of your deck ends.

Another street shredding machine is the North Atlas 5.75" Theatrum Deck. Its crazy width leaves you with all the foot space you need and gives you maximum stability and balance when you’re hitting rails or flying over gaps.

North has also made a complete for all the riders who are either new to street riding or want to take things to the next level. It’s named The North Tomahawk Print Scooter and gives you crazy value for money.

Take grinding to the next level

Lachlan Gauchier’s signature deck The North Transit Legauch Deck is made for street shredding.

It’s boxed shape makes it perfect for grinding rails and curbs without pegs, and 50-50’s are easy due to its width which comes in at 5.3”.

North Scooters has come up with a unique system, that prolongs the life of the deck ends. If one side is messed up from grinding, you can flip it around, which means you can grind away on fresh untouched edges.

You also get two sizes of spacers, a pair for “normal wheels,” and an extra set of spacers which allows you to ride up to 30mm wide wheels.

Wide, light, and made for street riding

You can’t go much wider than with the North Atlas 5.75" Theatrum Deck. You get great foot space and perfect balance and stability when you’re grinding, due to the deck's width of 5,75”.

With this baby, you get a low weight street deck, all thanks to the sick looking cut-out on the top of the deck. The North Atlas 5.75" Theatrum might be light, but durability is ensured by the box-cut shape and the reinforced neck.

Whether you ride 24mm or 30mm doesn't matter this deck takes both, due to the two set of spacers included.

One of the best completes for street

Are you looking for the perfect complete to start your street scoot life? The North Tomahawk Print Stunt Scooter is the answer.

This scooter is light and sturdy thanks to its aluminum bar and fork. The deck is boxed, which means that you can lock-in grinds easily. Combine this with an oversized T-bar and SCS compression you’ll get a really strong setup.

The North Tomahawk is 100 percent made out of quality parts, and we are really stoked about how much value for money you get with this complete ride.


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