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They are here! Check out the new Prism boards

If you are looking for a new cruiser or a longboard, bear with us. We have stocked Prism and they definitely deserve your attention - from the very bushings to the graphics, those boards are sick!

In the beginning there was a skateboard session...

Watsonville, California, three friends turn their regular longboarding sessions into a company. This is the birth of Prism Skate Co. in short, and the outcome is a brand delivering skate- and longboards loaded with passion, quality, and care, just like from a friend to another.

Get funky with the Mulga series

The Mulga series is one of the newcomers from Prism. What makes them so special? Just look at them, they are an absolute state of the art, literally!

The designs are created by the famous, Sydney-based artist Joel ‘Mulga’ Moore. He is well-known for his unique style made of fine-line detailed images in vibrant colors. His tigers with star glasses or owls with sneakers can be found on anything - from tees and sweats to wall murals. But wherever you see them, you can’t help but smile! The good news - now you can get a piece of Mulga with your Prism board!

All the way from a 27’’ to 39’’ boards with no compromises

Starting from the smallest representative of the Mulga Prism family, the Grit, you get perfection in a concentrated form. The board is 27 inches and is easy to ride, fun and practical for your daily commute.

The Biscuit is slightly bigger, with some kicktail to make them ollies pop while you cruise around town. You can also take that funky, big kitten out in the park or down the vert.

Sail the streets and be the pirate of your town with the Prism Captain board. Cruisey, built for great carving and spiced with a bit kicktail for a few tricks here and there to mesmerize the city mermaids...or sailors.

Turning it up a notch, we got the Revel 36 and the Revel 39, where you get an all-round longboard with cut-outs for some carving action, drop-through trucks for easy slide-initiation, and a foot-hugging concave that turns the long rides into a joy for your legs.

Quality all the way through with Caliber trucks and Blood Orange

All Prism boards from the series come with Caliber trucks and Blood Orange bearings and bushings. Those are some of the leading brands when we talk longboarding so no compromises are made with those Mulgas.

The Grit, Biscuit, and Captain models have Caliber Standard trucks mounted where the hanger is made of high-strength virgin aluminum to withstand the everyday beating. The Revel 36 and Revel 39 are armed with Caliber II where the ‘II’ is a sure sign of improvements.

Those are with updated bushing seats, chamfer and kingpin diameter, as well as increased truck strength and reinforced baseplate. Not only that, but the Caliber II trucks come in all kind of different colors which means you can always change them to add your personal design touch.

Check all the other boards we got from Prism and remember to have fun out there on the streets!

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