The Cult Crew has done it again!

Take your riding to the next level, with these new frames and parts from one of the sickest brands in the BMX business.

We love new gear, and when it's as sweet as the stuff we just got from Cult, we are extra keen to share it with you guys.

What better way to start than to look at the center of any setup - the frame. The Cult Shorty Sean Ricany BMX Frame is versatile and perfect for tricks like manuals.

It's made for spin tricks and is designed to give every street rider the control needed to pull it off. The Cult 2 Short Panza Frame is one of the hottest frames in town and is already sold out in many shops.

Barspins will become a walk in the park with the In Bloom BMX Pivotal Seat which is perfectly shaped for squeezing those thighs of yours together.

Super responsive and versatile

Looking for a rock solid and versatile street frame? Well, then the Cult Shorty Sean Ricany BMX Frame is the answer for you.

Its strong chromium tubing makes it durable, and the Investment Cast make the cutouts extra strong if you are riding pegs.

It doesn't get easier to pull off freestyle tricks than with this frame. Its short chainstay and the overall short frame gives you a very maneuverable and responsive bike. Furthermore, its headtube makes it perfect for doing nose manuals.

The king of spin tricks

If you are into technical street riding The Cult 2 Short Panza Signature Frame is the perfect choice for you.

It's made for spin tricks and to give you the perfect control when you are doing tricks like a nose manual, because of its extra short rear end.

The frame is crazy durable due to it's Chromium Steel frame and the externally machined mid bottom bracket shell and both top and down tube gussets.

The trick to becoming the master of barspins

Make barspins easier with the In Bloom BMX Pivotal Seat from Cult. Thanks to the right amount of padding you need for squeezing your thighs together, this mid shape profile seat makes barspins pure child's play.

Oh yeah, did we mention that it looks so sick with its smooth black colorway, a white Cult logo, and the two characteristic Cult blooms embroidered into the seat?


We got so many more sweet new parts from Cult right now. Do yourself a favor and check them out right here.

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