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Make a change when you're choosing your gear

Do you like this picture? So do we! That is why we are stocking up on more and more eco-friendly and responsible brands!

A great trend is on the rise among apparel companies, especially functional winter wear! Many are shifting toward, or started-up based on using recycled and recyclable materials. Sustainable manufacturing is growing more and more in popularity and we can finally shut the mouth of the 'bad shopping conscious'!

Pyua - the first brand to embrace recycled polyester

Eco-responsibility is not just a side thing for Pyua but a driving force and major mission. They realized that high-performance winter wear often comes at a high price for nature. This is due to the wind-proof, waterproof and breathability features that those clothes need to have.

That’s why Pyua was the first that started producing technical outerwear with recycled polyester and also made them 100% recyclable. Their jackets still have all the tech and functionality an outdoor gear needs but are also eco-friendly to the bone!

Phunkshun - totally functioning on Mother Nature’s vibes

One of the younger brands who is concerned with the welfare of our green (and snow-covered) home is Phunkshun. The guys are making 100% eco-friendly neckwarmers with some cool designs.

Their story started in 2011 and since then they have recycled more than 10 billion plastic bottles! The idea is simple - plastic bottles are collected, recycled, made into small bits and then transformed into yarn and fabric which they use for their neckwarmers.

So, in case you wonder, if you got one of those, it equals circa 12 plastic bottles!

Planks - the peaceful mountain lovers

Planks is one of the young brands who is taking on their journey towards becoming 100% eco-friendly. And surely they are on the right track! They have started a collab with REPREVE® which is one of the biggest recycled yarn manufacturers.

Apart from their focus on environmentally friendly and safe production, Planks are also spreading love and peace together with the freestyle skier from the UK - James ‘Woodsy’ Woods.

Together they have created a super cool winter line which includes funky, mustard jacket, peace sign shred tees and ski gloves with highlighted peace-sign fingers! The conclusion - Planks are definitely a brand to consider and, of course, Woodsy rules!

So let's gear up and love the mountain!

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