Is Richard Zelinka ready for Scootfest 2018? Find out here!

In a few days, Scootfest 2018 will take place in Europe’s biggest scooter park. All the best riders will be there, among them our team rider Richard Zelinka.

There is something big in store for this year’s edition of Scootfest. It’s not only the King of Bowl, King of Street and the King of Park that’s going to be found at the event, but Nitro Circus is also joining with Nitro World Games’ Kings of Kings with a 20,000$ prize purse!

Our team rider Richard Zelinka is going to ride on the District team at this year’s event. We talked with him about getting ready for the competition and got him to give us some tips and tricks on ‘How to do good at competitions.’

Getting back into shape

It’s no secret that Zelinka had an injury-plagued year so far. But he plans to make his comeback at this year’s Scootfest. So, the last months he has been working on getting back into shape determinately.

“It took a long time for my foot and knee to stop hurting, but I’m ok now. So, the last long period I spent to get my body in shape. It’s essential to go to the gym to train if you want to do good. You cannot win by only riding scooters; you need muscles as well.”

What are the plans, Richard?

So, Richard has been working out in the gym, and has also been practicing in the park, but what can we expect from him at Scoot Fest then?

“I’ll try to win it overall, but I don’t think I’m going to take all three titles due to of all the time I wasted on injuries - I’m going to prioritize King of the Bowl. But I will say this much: you can expect big things of me for sure”, he says and continues.

“I’ll go to the Adrenaline Alley in Corby, where Scootfest takes place, in good time so that I can train before the competition. I don’t know what I’m going to do exactly, but I will deliver something for sure”.

The secret recipe to success

Okay, this far we have established that Zelinka is ready to hit Scootfest 2018, and we know for sure that he can kill it at competitions when he’s in shape, but what are his secret tactics?

“You need to be able to put a line together, and you need to be different, be creative, and enjoy it. Show the judges that you are an original - do transfers, do park tricks, do technical tricks, show the judges that you can do everything, but do not copy all the other riders out there”, he says.

Learn more about Richard’s secret on “How to succeed at competitions” in the video in the top.


Watch the live stream from Scootfest on November 10 and 11, LIVE on Facebook! right here.

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