Why foot fenders rule

It's not only about the looks! Here's the reason why you need to get a fixed fender!

They are the most hyped part in the scoot world right now, and all the leading street brands, such as TSI, Native scooters, Tilt, Trynyty, Proto and Etic are making breakless fenders.

So what's all the fuss about? Well, it's quite simple - It comes to performance and being able to do tricks the way they are supposed to be done.

Avoid slams

Photo by: forsttry95

With a fixed foot fender, you avoid the risk of your foot touching the break or getting caught in the wheel while you're doing stuff like jumping a big staircase doing a 180 or ride fakie.

What to get

You can either get a deck that's ‘born’ with a fixed fender like the Native Advent V2 deck or get it as an aftermarket part, such as the Trynyty Spoiler Fender, or the Lucky D-Fender, which will fit most standard decks


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