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Bike Check: Inuk Siegstad

Get tips from the pros on how to get the perfect setup in our bike check series.

At this year’s FISE Montpellier our team rider Inuk took home a gold medal in the BMX Spine Ramp Amature Competition and a bronze medal in Freestyle Park.

We had a talk with Inuk about his setup and his secret bike building tricks.

What did you consider when you were putting your bike together?

"I ride park and I’m doing a lot of technical stuff, so, of course, I thought about that when I chose the parts for the setup. This bike is 100 % made for the park, and I love it".

Which parts on your set would you like to highlight?

"Well, my Total BMX Killabee K3 Freestyle BMX Frame. Its short backend, low weight, and steep headtube are perfect for doing manuals, nose manuals, and tailwhips".

"The same goes for the Total BMX Hangover 28mm BMX Fork; it's just made for nose manuals, and I feel that it makes it easier to handle the bike when I’m in high speed".

"And actually, I would also like to mention the bar. I’ve gone with Total BMX TWS Mark Webb 2-Piece BMX Bar. It’s 9,5”x29”, which is bigger than the bars I normally use".

"I also cut it a little bit to make it fit me perfectly. But with this bar, it’s so easy to do nose manuals and to steer the bike"

What's the most important part to focus on according to you?

"Well, it’s the frame. The bike is centered around that. The most important things to look at are the geometry, the height, the length, and the headtube".

Do you have some special setup hack that you would like to share?

"I always put a bar end at the bottom of the fork, so my foot doesn’t get caught between the wheel and the fork when I’m doing foot jams. It also makes doing that trick more comfortable".

"But the most important thing on my bike is the red piece of cloth. Eight years ago I traveled from Greenland to Denmark to live at Tjele Efterskole, so I could ride my bike all year round and take my riding to the next level".

"The cloth originates from a flag from Tjele Efterskole, and this token has been with me ever since I left the school".

"It’s become a trademark, and people have started commenting on it when I post pictures of the bike on Instagram".

So what’s up next?

"I want to get a shorter stem, so it will be easier to make barspins and top no hands. I’ve been looking for one from Cult, so that’s the next thing to get".



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