‘I got your back, mate’, said the ultimate backpack from Ortovox

Ortovox brings to you all action snow lovers and freeriders, the ultimate backpack! The Free Rider series comes with a built-in back protector so you can drop that beautiful line without any worries.

Let’s face it - a backpack is not the thing you normally get all excited about when buying your snow gear. It is just practical and has one purpose: to carry your stuff and, of course, sandwiches.

Not anymore though! Ortovox came up with the Free Rider series which breaks the mould and has a way bigger mission in life - to keep you safe!

Get yourself a backpack with some ‘backbone’

All the backpacks in the Free Rider series come with an integrated SPS-flex back protector that adapts to your body and stays flexible even in the cold.

And we are not talking just comfortable padding here but serious back protection that can withstand multiple big impacts and at the same time is responsive to even small pressure.

To give you a perfect fit and ensuring ‘safety hug’, Ortovox has built the backpack with an extra wide wrap-around hip strap.

When it comes to safety, size matters

To make sure that the backpack fits perfectly to your body, Ortovox has made the Free Rider series in three different sizes, apart from liter capacity.

The Free Rider backpack can either be regular, S (short) or L (long) version:

  • S model is for those with a back size between 36-44 cm (height ca. 150-175)
  • The regular model is for back sizes 42-50 cm (or height ca. 170-195)
  • L ranges from 47 to 56 cm back size (180-210 cm height)

Where there are overlaps, you can just pick the model that fits more your liter preferences.

Extra goodies for you

Apart from the safety feature, you are signing up for a backpack filled with smart solutions, making your trip a joy like:

  • New ski and snowboard fastening
  • Integrated helmet net, hidden in a tiny pocket on the front
  • Bright inside which makes it easier to find your treasures
  • Space for shovel, probe and avalanche gear

So pick your size, volume, and color and go out into the big white to enjoy a safe run down the powder!

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