The legend Pedro Barros talks Brazilian temper and park skateboarding

He hasn’t missed a podium in this season’s Vans Park Series! He is literally dominating park skateboarding! He is Pedro Barros and we are standing, talking with this legend!

Krocksbäck Skatepark, Malmö, Sweden, the next stop in the VPS tour. We are feeling like children in a candy store - Norra Vasconcellos and Lizzie Armanto are casually chit-chatting a meter away, while Alex Sorgente rushes by for the next heat. And there he is, Pedro Barros, standing and chilling, it is now or never!

For those of you who can’t recall the name, we can just put it this way: Pedro hasn’t gone home with less than silver for nine visits of X-Games in park skateboarding. Yes, that is six gold medals and 3 silver ones! So we expect nothing less today!

How are you feeling today, Pedro?

“I’m feeling good, man. I am here with all my friends, you know. Malmö is a beautiful place to be, the skatepark is amazing, the VPS contests are always a good time so...feeling absolutely good.”

Are you in for the win?

“I would say I am not in for the win. I got to skate here in the park just yesterday so I didn’t get much time to try it out. So this is a kind of a contest I am gonna do my best, try my hardest but it’s the kind of a contest where I have no expectations for.”

Well, you have been doing good so far - you came second, then first and second again in the previous events. So maybe it is time for a first place again. What is your secret? Is the Brazilian temper helping, or is it in the way?

“There are always people with stronger temper than others and I feel like my temper in skating is usually controlled because I have been doing it for so long, so I try not to let whatever is in my way interfere with my skating.”, and then he continues:

“But, obviously, when you have a good crowd, or when you have something that is really uplifting, you just vibe up and it’s always gonna be better for skating. Everybody has their day, everybody has their moment they’re feeling good - that always helps in skateboarding. And everybody also has their day when they are not feeling that good with themselves. So I am sure Brazilians get a stronger temper when they are like that and it can help sometimes but it can also drag us down sometimes but it’s just in our blood”.

(We laugh in agreement here.)

So why skating park?

"I grew up skating park. For me park has always been the place I felt more in tune with what I am into skating and how. It gives me the opportunities to do the skateboarding I want personally".

And lastly, because the heat is about to begin, we’ll go a bit cheeky here and provoke that Brazilian temper of yours - which is your most hated skater?

“Ha-ha...good one! Personally, I don’t think there is one person I hate on this planet so I can’t really hate any skater. Just for them being on top of a skateboard that’s good enough for me”.

A quick handshake, ‘boa sorte’ and ‘obrigado’ to Pedro.

After an hour he is there on the podium again, spraying champagne and celebrating his third place, still unaware that he will be coming so close to turning into the champ in China!

Just a few days ago, Pedro Barros finished second in the Vans Park Series finals with only 0,54 points away from the gold!

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