Hurry up! Get the new parts from UrbanArtt before they're gone

We’re sure that these new parts are going to sell fast, so check them out before it’s too late.

We are generally impressed by the new parts form UrbanArtt. First of all, there’s The UrbanArtt Bone 8STD Boxcut 5” Deck which is perfect for street riding. Thanks to its width, you get the best possible stability and control you need to take things to the next level.

UrbanArtt has taken some of their best parts and put them together in the UrbanArtt Bone 8STD Pro Scooter Deck Kit. The only thing you need to do to have a sick custom street scooter is to add a bar and a clamp.

Last up, a true gem among the new parts is the updated version of The UrbanArtt Primo 8STD Deck. Thanks to its simple and clever design this deck is perfect for the park, but can also be used for street riding, and the classic cut rear ensures that you can ride pegs.

Made to take street riding to the next level

The updated version of The UrbanArtt Bone 8STD Boxcut 5” is one of the sickest decks we’ve seen from this French rider-owned brand.

First of all, you get maximum stability and makes things like lip slides and board slides a walk in the “park” thanks to this deck is 5” width, which leaves more room for the feet.

This deck is also perfect for noseblunts, thanks to its fully squared front plate. Pegs are obsolete when you’re grinding ledges and rails due to the dropouts at the back of the UrbanArtt Bone 8STD Boxcut Deck.

The fastest way to get a custom street scooter

With the UrbanArtt Bone 8STD Pro Scooter Deck Kit, you only need to add a bar and a clamp to get a quality custom ride.

The package contains:

  • the UrbanArtt Bone 8STD Boxcut 5 Deck
  • the Kompressor Fork which is light, strong and can take up to a 125mm wheel-size
  • the “In It For Life” Headset
  • the Disk Wheels which are lightweight and durable
  • Limited Edition UA Grip Tape
  • This leaves you with a quality street scooter, perfect for adult sized riders.

A deck that sets the new standard

You can’t go wrong with the UrbanArtt Primo 8STD Deck. Being short and lightweight the UrbanArtt Primo 8STD Deck is perfect for the park.

The rear end is a classic cut, which means that you can choose to ride with pegs, so you can grind in the streets or the park. This deck is perfect for doing manuals because of the is 82,5° headtube angle.

No matter if you are an adult or a young kid, this deck will fit you. Because this beauty comes in two versions: 4.65” X 21.25” and 5” X 22.4”


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