Time for cross country ski? Check those Fischer-s out

The snow is up in the mountains, the season is peaking, so what are you waiting for? You can easily ski your way into the new year with a pair of the Fischer Twin Skin EF cross country ski.

The Twin Skin EF skis are perfect for the recreational cross-country skier who wants a smooth glide, close to nil icing, and an easy kick with the Easy Forward technology. They are perfect for the beginner cross country skiers who are about to enter their first competitions due to the wider profile of the ski, which makes it extra stable.

Get the innovative Twin Skin system for a good price

Since last year the game has changed drastically in cross country skiing. The skin system has flooded the market and now it is ‘the thing to have’. With the Fischer Twin Skin technology, you are getting perfect glide without the need for waxing and minimized icing at a tempting price point (psst...that is together with the bindings).

Fischer’s Twin Skin system is probably one of the fastest on the market right now since they attach two parallel skin strips at different skin depth to each ski. This makes gliding smoother and easier compared to a single skin strip.

What are those skin skis?

The skin skis are peaking at the moment and are massively overtaking the nordic/cross-country ski market. Why?

  1. The teflon coating on the Mohair skins allows a better grip on icy snow
  2. The synthetic skins also make gliding easier
  3. Good for nature since wax is harmful to the slopes we love

So hurry up and grab your pair of Fischer at SkatePro!

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