Trynyty - parts you don’t want to miss

This Canadian, rider-owned brand is here to revolutionize the scooter community with their pegs, fenders, and wheels.

Right now Trynyty is one of the most longed for scooter brands out there, and that’s not without reason.

Started by a rider Lloud Bureau, the Canadian brand does not only make some high-quality wheels, fenders, and grip tapes but also develops new, cutting-edge scooter parts.

The latest innovation is the Trynyty Nylatron pegs, which are the world's first three-piece design, which reduces the risk of breaking and bending the axle.

These pegs raise the bar

The Trynyty Nylatron pegs are revolutionary. Why? Because they are based on the Impact Redistribution Technology. What is it? The system consists of 3 components: an insert, a sleeve and an adapter.

The way that the adapter and the sleeve fit together results in a compression within the peg, which will absorb impact while grinding. This will keep your axle tighter for longer and reduce breakage and bending.

But the IRT technology is not the only thing that makes these pegs the greatest. They are nylon sleeved, which allows you to slide on everything. Whether you do a feeble grind on a ledge or smith grind on a chunky concrete bench, these pegs will slide smoothly.

The fender of the future

At Trynyty they believe that fenders will play a vital role in shaping the future of scootering. So they took all their knowledge about riding and transformed it into the Trynyty Spoiler Fender. The result, a weld-free fender that’s made out of sleek anodized aluminum in some sweet colors.

And of course, Trynyty made sure that their fender fits any wheel including the new standard 30mm wide wheel. So will it fit? Well, they are compatible with more decks than ANY other foot fender on the market!


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