2 signature bikes you need to check out

Two of the world’s biggest BMX riders have released their first signature completes. Ride like Chad Kerley and Dennis Enarson with these models from Haro.

These signature bikes are not only designed and tested by some of the best and most talented riders in the world but they also stand out qualitywise when we are talking completes.

The Chad Kerley Haro CK AM 20” is built to shred the streets. It’s light but still durable thanks to it chromoly parts. And if you’re into doing technical tricks like CK, this bike is perfect, all thanks to its short rear end.

Dennis Enarson has also made a masterpiece of a complete! The Haro SD AM 20" 2018 BMX is perfect for the park - it weighs only 11,52 kg, its long chainstay makes it stable when you’re flying, and the chromoly frame, fork, and bars allow it to take some severe beatings.

These bikes are packed with high-quality parts and by buying them like this you save a ton of cash compared if you buy the parts one at a time.

A bike made for technical street riding

Chad Kerley is a true BMX legend, and now his signature complete is here. This bike is built for the street rider that wants to do technical tricks, like nose manuals and rotations, and this is all thanks to the Haro CK AM 20” completes's 12,75” short chainstay.

It comes with a solid chromoly frame, bar, and fork, which makes the bike durable as a street BMX should be, but at the same time very light compared to many other completes out there.

The bike comes with LSD freecoaster with 9T driver, which is perfect for fakies. When it comes to the bearings, they are all sealed. This means that they’ll keep running longer without maintenance because they’re protected against dirt and moisture.

Get flying in the park with this prima built

When Dennis Enarson aka SD designed his signature complete he had a simple mission - To make a pro-level setup at an affordable price, and he succeeded.

The Haro SD AM 20" BMX bike has a chromoly bars, fork, and frame to handle hard riding and harsh impacts from landings. And speaking of the frame, this one has a long chainstay, which makes the bike super stable in the air while doing tricks and riding ramps.

SD have chosen Haro’s SATA double walled rims for his setup which leaves you with a pair of rims that don’t break as easy as a pair of single-walled once. Something that you normally don’t get on a complete bike.


While you’re at it, you might want to see the rest of our completes from Haro and many other top brands. Check them out right here.

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