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Why is Zoo York perfect for your first skateboard?

If you want something of great quality, a sweet price point, and some good history, the Zoo York completes are exactly what you are looking for. The brand has been around for quite some time and they know what you need.

Good quality that comes at a good price

Let’s face it, when you are just entering the skateboard world or when you already have some experience but are not a pro yet, you need a board that is suitable for your level. That means a board that can support you and helps you evolve without being overly expensive and filled with tech you cannot make use of (yet!).

This is exactly where the Zoo York completes kick in -tough, quality-wood decks with good shape and pop, and trucks and wheels that are fitted for beginners or intermediate riders.

Parts that will help you get better rides

Zoo York’s completes come with slightly softer wheels which are grippier and dampening some of the vibrations on your way to glory. The bushings on the trucks are also softer which makes the board easier to turn.

This is especially good for younger and smaller riders! The hard rock maple used for the deck will keep its pop for a longer time than other, cheaper decks which means more time to nail those ollies.

Spice up your style with some East Coast attitude

Zoo York gets its name from the early 70s when a meeting point of the NY underground scene was actually called Zoo York.

The growth of skateboarding culture on the East Coast led to the birth of the first skate-inspired brand on this side of the States, namely Zoo York. So since its creation in 1993, the brand is the expression of the cultural mash-up of graffiti artists, hip-hop, skateboarding, and b-boys.

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