Jacob Juul: Gettin' a new generation hooked on blading

Jacob Juul and L.O.W Academy have one simple mission - to promote a life on wheels and get the new generation to fall in love with blading.

He’s working on securing a new breed of bladers. At the same time, Jacob Juul is trying to evolve the community and show the world that blading is just about the best thing in the world.

So what does he get out of it? To see blading grow, kids being happy and confident, and, of course, live a life on wheels. We talked with him about his inspiration for starting L.O.W Academy (Life On Wheels Academy)

To inspire a new generation

Jacob Juul has been around the world as a pro blader, and it was while traveling, that the 28-year-old blader saw how skate schools in countries such as France and Poland were a huge success, so he decided to start one in Denmark.

"I saw how big of a difference it made for the kids. They were so happy and confident. It has been quite a struggle to get LOW started, and I have worked for free for the first three years. But it was worth it because we have shown the kids how great a life on wheels is" he says.

The young bladers needed a community

Even though it was a hard start for L.O.W Academy, Jacob quickly realized that there was a demand for a skate school.

"There was a need for a place where the kids could meet, and skate together. There was a lot of young bladers that skated alone, and even though you are talented blader, it's hard to keep the interest if you skate alone," he says and continues.

"We can see that there has been an increase in the number of kids that want to skate, because, L.O.W has created a community for them to do so. I believe that we have relaunched blading in Denmark"

Kill the prejudice and create role models

One of the most important missions for Jacob and the rest of the team at L.O.W Academy has been to create a community which is supportive and shows the rest of the world what blading can offer.

"We want to show that this isn't some sketchy community. We need to create a positive environment where we give each other high fives and get friends for life. It's all about creating a generation that takes blading very serious and lives a healthy lifestyle”.

And according to Jacob, it's not only the skate schools responsibility to help kill the prejudices

"We need the old generation of bladers to step in and show themselves as role models. They need to put on a helmet and show that blading is a serious sport, where you get a lot of exercise and have fun in a healthy environment, where people take the sport seriously"


You can read more about L.O.W academy here. Feel inspired to start inline skating or roller skating? Find all you need to get started right here.

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