This is why the new Völkls will rock your world, or at least your winter

And when we say rock, we really mean it - rockers, cambers and some serious improvements are introduced to the new Völkl 18/19 line of well-known models. Plus, a completely new model is here - the Deacon.

The all-mountain ski you’ve been waiting for - the new Mantra M5

M5 stands for the fifth generation of the model and it has been the one generating most talk. The new Mantra skis are not only proud descendants of the best selling model but also a complete jaw-dropping piece of gear. They are more responsive and feel ‘fatter’ despite the thinner waist this wear.

This is the result from Völkl removing the full rocker and substituting it with a rocker-camber-rocker profile, which leaves you with a narrower, more playful ski and at the same time perfectly floating on the powder.

Your new, faster racer skis - the Völkl Deacon

The Deacon model is replacing the well-known Code series and, of course, they come with some added goodies - Völkl’s UVO damping system against vibrations and tip-and-tail rocker for better turn initiation. Add to that the possibility of getting them with preinstalled Marker World Cup plates and bindings and you got yourself a pair of skis with immediate response and perfect control.

A special and improved model for the ladies - Flair Elite

Völkl Flair has been around for some time but this year’s Flair Elite comes with Völkl’s Dual Woodcore built which means better carving and edge grip due to the improved torsional stiffness. The model comes in a variety of waist width built specifically for the female rider.

The carving bestseller is back - RTM 84

The RTM series is one of the most popular carving skis. Why? They will take you anywhere. Those skis are made for any kind of conditions - from fresh snow to the annoying slush or ice. This year, the Völkl RTM 84 comes with wider underfoot for better edge grip and a tip rocker for easier turns.

So which one is yours? If you don't know yet, we can help you with that! Just take a look at our Buyers Guide ;)

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