3 tips on how to be faster on your skates

Go faster than ever before with these 3 easy tips and techniques from speed skate world champion Felix Rijhen.

Are you aiming to beat your personal best, or maybe you are new to the world of inline speed skating. We hooked up with Felix Rijhen, inline speed skate world champion, to get 3 tips of how to have a good start into the amazing and super fast domain of speed skates.

Find the right balance between your skills and the gear you choose

You want to have the right skate. When you look at the pros and the intermediate speed skaters you’ll quickly see that they're riding low cuff boots. But according to Felix, low cuff boots are not always the way to go, when you’re a beginner.

“It’s a good idea to start off with a high cuff boot and small wheels. And then while you’re improving, you can upgrade your gear. Get a longer frame, get bigger wheels and then maybe a low cuff boot”, he says.

The technique is the key to success

So now you got your sweet new state of the art speed skates, but before you can take the lead in front of your competitors, there’s one very important thing you need.

“Don’t forget to work on your technique. Because to be able to use them, skate fast, and have fun, you need the proper technique. So get your skating position right and work on your balance on one foot. This will make your skating experience so much better”, says Felix.

Do you want to learn how to train these two techniques? Then check out the video at the top.


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