Delicious: New signature wheels from Proto

The new Chema Chocoholic Grippers are killer when it comes to performance and looks.

These wheels will rock your world. Not only do they have a crazy story behind their design, but they are also made to provide you with the maneuverability, grip, and comfort you need out in the street.

We hooked up with Proto team rider Chema Cardenas to ask the man himself to tell us more about his new signature wheel.

“I always pick Grippers, they are smooth, fast, silent, grippy and they really absorb impacts, which make the streets of Mexico feel way better. The ground here is so rough, and they still feel awesome, plus I like to jump over things, and these wheels makes landings way smoother, now imagine how awesome they feel on a smooth surface!”, he says.

Chocolate is my only real addiction

These wheels are some of the best looking once we have seen in a long time, but what is it about Chema and the chocolate?

“Chocolate has always been my number one love and part of my culture as a Mexican citizen. I always try to make things that have a deep meaning, rather than just doing things for looks. So, for this new wheel, I thought that it would be really cool to have such a theme, especially this year since the release of the documentary "South Sur Dream", which you can find on youtube. A few more friends now know that Chocolate is my only and true addiction” says Chema.

The look of the goods

But it’s not only Chema’s sweet tooth that was the reason for chocolate being the center of the design of his new wheels.

“I learned that chocolate is not a sweet candy, it really is a seed, from a pod that comes from a tree named "Theobroma Cacao" (KaKa'w in Mayan). Theobroma means “Food of the gods". It was Moctezuma, the Aztec emperor who used to drink it, and Ek Chua the Mayan god of chocolate who brought it to earth. Also, people used it as a currency in Mexico before the Spanish Conquistadors. So all this rich mythological history about chocolate made me feel so proud about it. I just want to share it.”


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