4 skateboard decks you seriously need to consider getting

Are you looking for a new skate deck? Then you should definitely check those 4 new deck series we got in the house from Girl, Chocolate, Habitat, and Element.

Ladies first - Girl Ombre OG deck

The guys from Girl are famous for their cool graphics and this time it ain’t different. The Ombre OG decks come in contrasting colors, printed on gradient stained veneers. This adds depth and really cool look to the traditional Girl logo. Add to this exterior a 7-ply maple built, which is made to withstand some serious beating and maintain its pop, and you got yourself a wonder deck.

Sweeten your life with Chocolate Original Chunk deck

The Original Chunk skateboard decks come with the classic Chocolate logo but this time with some added color with the rider-signature detail to the side. Those are some seriously sleek looking decks, also made with sturdy, 7-ply maple, which promise you only the best of rides.

Find your habitat with the Leaf Dot decks

Habitat have found their perfect, natural environment in the US and that is why they stick to bringing you a pure, US-made deck with the Leaf Dot series. Everything from harvesting the maple to designing, manufacturing, shaping and shipping the decks is done in the US. Habitat has chosen to do so in order to ensure consistent quality and the most sustainable production possible.

Become a pioneer with the Element X Timber decks

Element has been working hand in hand with Timber, aka Chad Eaton, for more than 10 years now (maybe you have seen the Sink or Swim decks or the Timber Capsule collection). These Timber Pioneer collection decks incorporate cool artwork and the Featherlight construction of Element. This means that you are getting not only a sick-looking but also super light and super strong deck with long-lasting pop. Enjoy!

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