4 tips for your winter SUPing from a pro surfer

Good news for all you SUP lovers - the fact that it is getting colder outside doesn't mean you should stop doing what you like! Pro SUP rider Christian Andersen has some tips for you.

Christian 'Polar Bear' Andersen is the 17-year-old, Fanatic SUP team rider from Klitmøller, aka Cold Hawaii who definitely knows what it is to stand up paddle in the cold water, and he has some tips for you.

4 simple things you need to remember

Christian, what are the most important things when it comes to winter SUPing?

  • Get the right gear. My biggest tip would be to get the right gear: 5-7 mm shoes, a good pair of gloves where you have a good grip and good movement, and most important - a good wetsuit (5-7 mm) or a drysuit designed for SUP. You can also combine the two.
  • Warm up. I also recommend getting a good warm up in on land before heading on the water.
  • Stay safe. Always remember safety first - if the conditions get to rough for your level it's better to stay safe on land.
  • Keep it fun. The last tip would be to have fun!

But who is Christian Andersen?

How did you choose exactly SUP?

I have always loved the water and when I tried surfing for the first time I was stoked! A year later we went to Copenhagen to see a competition with Casper Steinfath (same Casper who was the first to paddled from Denmark to Norway in March 2018). Casper thought me to surf and is a good friend - he has helped me a lot throughout the years.

I tried SUP for the first time at the event and I was hooked, since then SUP has given me the opportunity to travel the world and compete in amazing places.

More on winter SUPing

Where and from whom does your nickname 'Polar Bear' come from?

It comes from a combination of things. I was baptized in Greenland, I have long white hair, I always surf/SUP in the winter, also when it gets really cold, and then Peter (Casper's brother) started calling me Polar Bear. Now everyone calls me Polar Bear and I think it's a pretty cool nickname.

So you know how it is to SUP in cold water for sure.

Yes, the only thing that can stop me from Stand Up Paddling is if the water freezes ;)

Isn't it too cold?

It does get really cold, but the right gear makes it way easier and it makes you paddle harder to get warm, so you get a better workout as well.

Favorite place to SUP? And favorite time?

I am lucky to have the opportunity to SUP all over the world. Every place is special in its own way. This year I went to Greece and Sardinia, both places were amazing. The water is really beautiful and clear, there is really good downwind conditions and the landscape with cliffs and beautiful cities were amazing as well.

But for me, there's also something beautiful about being out in the water, in the middle of the winter while it's snowing!

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