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The Core 2018 was golden

It was a crazy Saturday at The Core in Hamburg when the scoot elite met to compete, hang out and have fun. We thought it was so awesome that we’ll give you a recap.

The vibes were great and the expectations high, when more than a 1000 scooter riders gathered at the I-Punkt Skateland to participate in one of the most legendary scoot competitions in Northern Europe.

We went there with our team riders Richard Zelinka, Timon Kunze, Heman Amundsen, Lukas Otten, Mia Sofie and Simon Jonson and we’re pretty excited about the results.

Gold and silver for SkatePro

We're stoked about that Timon Kunze won gold in the pro-competition in front of riders like Jamie Hull and Archie Cole, which both delivered some crazy runs. Our Norwegian rider Herman Amundsen really killed it and got a silver medal in the junior competition.

Timon’s run was out of this world and thanks to not only all the serious bangers and huge transfers he made, but also thanks to the way he dropped in by doing a backflip. He really used all the park, which may have been the key to his victory.

We had a blast

The Core was not only all about competition. We also got to hang out with some of the best riders in Europe, and there was a big park area outside the skate hall where you could ride, hang out and eat some food in the sun.

As an extra little happening, we made a giveaway, where the winner got a Richard Zelinka signature deck and a bunch of SkatePro gear. Zelinka and Timon were judges and had a blast with hosting the competition.

Our friends from Stunt-Scooter made this awesome video from the event:

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