Find out if the Them Skates 908 boot lives up to the expectation

Do the long-anticipated Them Skates from aggressive skating legend Jon Julio live up to the expectations? Find out here.

The hype was big when aggressive skating legend Jon Julio announced that he was leaving Valo to launch his own brand of blades called Them Skates.

And after a long wait, the skates are finally here, so we asked Alex Deutschmann (aggressive inline skater) to put them to the test to see if they are worth the hype.

What’s the verdict about Them Skates?

So, Alex, you have been skating with the Them Skate 908 boot for four weeks now, and before we dive deeper into the skates, can you just quickly tell us your overall impression?

“Well, in short, they feel nice, skate well and look good. They’re also priced at a very reasonable level, so overall, I’m really happy. They almost feel like a fitness skate with soulplates. The boot is very fast and flexible. You can easily skate about 5 hours on these skates without pain and the trick feeling is great!”

So now let’s go a little deeper into the skate subject matter. What is the setup you have used the boots with?

“I use them with Create Originals frames, Blackjack bearings and Undercover wheels (58/88A). I changed the laces (I love long waxed laces, and I also fastened the cuff with them, this gives my ankles more support) and I put the MyFit Gel Shock absorbing heel pads under the sole.”

How is the shell?

"The weight is very light and the shell is flexible. My tip is to buy long laces to fix the shell and be sure that you buy very long laces, then you can fixate the cuff also! You can also change the soulplate and the cuff to other colors."

Speaking about the shell, how are the cuff and buckles?

"The buckles have a good quality and they are very simple to use. The cuff is flexible and also strong. It has a little bit of a V-cut, I like it! The good thing is, you can change the cuff, it's better than Valo."

How does the liner feel?

“I skate in the liner like 5 to 6 times a week and I feel no pain. But I must admit that I was actually thinking about changing the liner when I saw them in the shop. But after I strapped the skates on and took them for a session I found out that the liner is super comfortable. I also like the design and the logo at the back of the cuff, it gives the Them Skates a certain uniqueness.”

I can see that the UFS system mount is a little different on these boots, what do you think about that?

"I love the new UFS system. It’s simple like on the Razors SL. You can easily change the frame in just a few seconds. In Barcelona, we ride with a powerblading frame to the spot and change it fast to aggressive frames. And this is so easy to do on these skates. You only need one key for all the screws, so thanks for that Jon Julio! I think that's the future!"

People were not liking the lace holes because they thought they looked similar to the ones on discount skates, what do you think?

“I was thinking the same. But after I saw the skate for the first time for real and had them on my feet I started to like the design. The Them Skates 908 looks very stylish from above, that's important for me too! It’s a perfect mix of old and new design.

How are Them Skates compared with the Razors SL you used before?

“The biggest difference is the backslide groove. The Razors' grooves are large and round and safe. The grooves on the Them Skates are a bit more square, and I was a bit scared of it, but after a few sessions, I got my perfect groove with the grooves. I really like the way they lock in, especially when you do a backslide.”

“The sides of the soul plates are different. The Them soul plate is a little bit smaller but it’s perfect. The lacing system on the 908 also fixates the foot more than on the Razors. And last but not least, the Them Skates feel a bit lighter on the foot than the Razors.”


You can find the new Them Skates 908 boot right here

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