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New decks from Aztek Scooters has arrived

It’s not without a reason that they’re some of the most hyped decks out there, and now we finally got them at SkatePro.

The parts and completes from Aztek has really taken the scoot community by storm. Among the things we just got in are the very desired Siren V2 deck which are known for being one of the widest decks available.

But we also got the ultralight, and yet durable Aztek FountainFive and of course the Aztek Tesla, made for both jumping gaps and doing finger whips.

This will change the way you ride

Measuring a staggering 6” in width the Aztek Siren deck is designed to give you the best possible balance and control possible, and of course a crazy amount of grinding space.

The guys at Aztek have made sure to make this deck as durable as possible by designing the deck with a forged headtube, which makes it extra strong. Furthermore, the blunt plate is solid, which will not only make it easier to make noseblunts but also makes the deck even stronger.

This deck has proven to be an instant hit among scooter riders all over the world and many shops are already out of stock, but fortunately, we just got a shipment of these babies for you guys.

The lightest deck on the market?

If you’re looking for an ultralight and strong deck, you’ve found it. The Aztek FountainFive deck weighs only 1390grams, which makes it one of the lightest decks on the market.

Thanks to an innovative molding technique the headtube is forged, which gives it a better ability to restraint stress from the rider's weight compared to earlier versions. Furthermore, this new design also means that you get more noseblunt space.

The guys from Aztek also redesigned the dropouts on the deck, which means that you get smooth grinds. The Aztek FountainFive deck comes in 5”x22” and 5”x23”.

Good looking and great performance

It’s not only sweet looking, but the Aztek Tesla deck also performs well. With it’s forged headtube you get a very durable deck. The side of the deck is squared which makes the Tesla super finger whip friendly.

Furthermore, the bottom of the deck features some big fat grind rails, so you can lock in without having to worry about sliding out. The ends are classic cut which means that you can mount pegs to increase the grind surface.

This deck comes in a 4.5”x21” and in a Tesla XL version in 5”x22”. As the rest of the decks from Aztek, the Aztek Tesla deck is very light, and even the XL version is light as a feather weighing in at 1.559kilograms.


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