Bike Check: Enderson Gamez

We love BMX, and we love talking about all the crazy parts and sick rides out there. And what better way to share that love than doing a bike check series.

The first ride to be featured belongs to Enderson Gamez. He's a dedicated park rider and has participated in several competitions, such as The FISE Montpelier, the first time as an amateur and last year as a pro. - So let's check out his setup.


Frame: Haro SD V2 Freestyle

Fork: Odyssey R32

Bar: Wethepeople Buck 25,4mm

Grips: Wethepeople Arrow

Seat: Haro Fat Style

Wheels: Merritt Brian Foster FT120"

Crank: Flybikes V3

Headset: Merritt High Top Integrated

Sprocket: Wethepeople 28T

Stem: Wethepeople Hydra

What did you consider when you were putting your bike together?

Of course, rule number one when I building a bike, it goes without saying, I always have park riding in mind. This means that I think a lot about the aerodynamics, so I can get the airtime right and do tricks with a perfect timing.

The parts I choose are usually very light. The frame should be lightweight but at the same time durable. When it comes to the chain, I always configure it to give me speed.

What's the most important part to focus on according to you?

Well, it's definitely the frame. This time I chose the Haro SD V2 frame. I really like Haro, and I've wanted a frame from that brand for a long time. Furthermore, the design and the geometry is perfect for me, and it's also very light, which makes it ideal for the park.

Any bits of advice for new bike builders out there?

Well, my trick is to start the build with the fork, and then leave the wheels for last.

You've recently left your job to ride full time, how is that going?

It was a tough decision for me, but you only live once, and if you've never tried it you'll never know what you could have achieved. I do well in spite of the difficulties that come with leaving your job. But BMX is my passion, and now I can dedicate myself fulltime to my training and learn new tricks, and I can feel that I improve every day.

Follow Enderson on his quest of being able to live by riding right here.

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