New Element wheels - new season, time to switch your 'tyres'

If you are looking for some new wheels, or some new experiences, for that matter, we got good news - we just received a stash of Element wheels for every taste. Ready to pimp your ride!

Sometimes people think that they need a whole new deck in order to try skateboarding something new. However, the case is often that you only need to change the wheels. That is why we made this short video, to show off some of the good wheels we got in stock which can transform your skating.

First up are the Element Cosmic Wide wheels. If you are skating street these are a perfect tiny upgrade to your board. They come in traditional for street tricks hardness of 100A+ which will give you good control over the board and maneuverability.

The upgrade comes with the slightly longer wheelbase, which also explains the slightly bigger diameter of 53mm (as compared to, for example, 51mm wheels). With that, you will get both the beautiful pop and some added stability.

If you want to get a more cruise-ish ride or try out going into the bowl, or down the vert, you need to check out the Element Inner Vision. Apart from the cool graphics, those ones come with a diameter of 54mm and hardness of 85A.

A bit softer, and a bit bigger, you can get some filming done or simply try a bit more cruisy park feel. The urethane on top of the solid core of those Element wheels makes them grippy and simultaneously quite responsive.

And finally, if you want to go all the way in for a cruiser ride, we got the Element Haring Special Edition cruiser wheels which, typical for cruiser wheels, come in diameter of 62mm and durometer of 78A.

Cruiser wheels will usually be from and above 60 mm in diameter and come a bit softer so you can run over cracks, tiny monster pebbles, and rough surface.

The graphics on those particular wheels are a tribute to the famous 80s street artist Keith Haring, who literally transformed the NY street art culture.

So what are you waiting for? Grab them wheels and go have fun before the snow has come.

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