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Drop in the powder skis: DPS are dead serious!

Forget about detailed graphics, sticker brands, and go skiing! That is what DPS ski is about - commitment to the sport and constant pursuit of perfection and improvement. If skiing was a religion, DPS is the Holy Grail rolling around in the powder.

DPS actually stands for Drake PowerworkS and refers to Stephan Drake, a co-founder and pro skier who devotes his life to finding the perfect ‘tool’ for the perfect line.

He started the company in 2005 together with ski engineer Peter Turner with the idea to build the perfect powder specific ski for all those who really burn for shredding the snow.

Maybe you have heard about them, or maybe not but if you are really into skiing, DPS is worth your attention. Those are state of the art skis and nothing has been spared in constructing them.

And to prove that, we will just say that DPS was the first and only company to use pure prepreg carbon fiber into their sandwich ski construction. Whereas other companies use simply dry carbon luminates, the raw materials in the DPS skis promises literally and infinite flex life!

But the pursuit continued and DPS was also the first brand to adopt the word ‘rocker’ into their skis and with that came the famous Spoon technology. This will say that the lightness of the carbon is combined with a ‘spoon’-like base which allows the skis to ‘surf’ the snow, to float on top of it.

So if you are riding rocker skis and they are not from DPS, then you know now where the whole concept came from. If you want to try the pure joy of riding the originals, check out DPS on our website and give yourself an early Christmas present. After all, the winter season is right around the corner.

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