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Collab alert: epic griptape X legendary magazine. Any guesses?

Correct! We are talking about the collaboration between MOB grip tape and Thrasher magazine. The thing that makes this collab worth writing about is that we got legends on both sides of the featuring sign ‘X’.

MOB grip tape is the Number 1 grip tape choice by many of the pros whose names are on the other side of the deck. When you open the ‘About’ section on MOB’s Facebook page you simply get a list of all the pros riding with their grip tape, which says pretty much everything.

What about Thrasher though? We have been seeing all those girls with trendy Thrasher t-shirts but do they really know what Thrasher is? And do you?

It is indeed the skateboarding bible. But it goes way beyond just a magazine with sweet shots of impossible tricks and skateparks - it is an institution.

Thrasher was started all the way back in 1981 by three guys: Kevin Thatcher - skateboarder and graphic designer, Eric Swenson, and Fausto Vitello. But the last two, not coincidentally since they have skateboarding in their blood, are the co-founders of Independent trucks (1978).

So the history of the greatest skate mag Thrasher and the epic truck company are quite intertwined. Add to that the fact that in 1990, Thrasher started giving the ‘Skater of the Year’ award and since then has been the most prestigious and respected award in skateboarding culture.

So if you want to make a statement, the MOB X Thrasher grip tapes are quite a good shout out.

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