It's not just a bag! It's a Didriksons duffel bag!

With the risk of sounding like one of the Kardashians, we just have to show you this bag - the Didriksons Sauda duffle bag. What makes it that special? Check it out.

You can rarely see guys getting hyped about a bag but you should have seen the faces of the ones in the office when we got the new package from Didriksons. Among all the cool outerwear and accessories from the brand, there laid a few duffle bags. We opened one and it all began!

First, it was the texture of the new Sauda duffle bag - the waterproof material looks simply so cool with its matt finish. So you can either go for the more colorful version or the very badass looking, stealthy, black version (here the boys just lost it).

Then we opened it, and this is what makes this bag so special and worthy writing about. Unlike with other duffle bags, the central zipper splits it almost in half. This makes the opening extra big and therefore, the bag itself - super smart.

It looks like a mini suitcase but way, way lighter. To add up the padded comfy straps that allow you to carry it both as a backpack and a bag, and you got yourself the perfect light-travel companion.

So check the Sauda duffle bag and all the other goodies from Didriksons that we just got in stock!

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