Skateboarders, protection ain't that bad

Come on guys, let's face it, protection is literally vital in some situations. Even the pros wear it, so why wouldn't you? Here are some important things about park-skateboarding, 'protective methods'.

Before we get to the very means of protection here are three very good reasons to use them: A) it will hurt less; B) you won't have to spend time away from the park due to a stupid injury but will actually skate; C) wearing protective gear can actually help you progress because it makes you feel safer performing the tricks you are learning.

'But it makes you look stupid', or 'You look like a noob' is the common response. Well, Pontus Björn definitely doesn't look like a noob on this one and, to be fair, that's quite a smart decision too because he could go skate next day as well!

So let's get to it!

The helmet

A concussion - no thanks! Do mind-blowing tricks, don't blow your mind out! Simple as that. Your brain is the most important for you to skateboard. If your head ain't right, neither are your legs, nor your whole body. So keep it safe!

Make sure you get a proper skateboarding helmet which protects the back of your head. When you buy a helmet they have the certificate for what they are suited for so your goal is EN 1078. Also, look for the right sized one - it should feel snuggin' on your noggin.

The pads

You can get knee and elbow pads, and also wrist guards. If you got a pack with those three, it will do good for the ground tricks and the basic falls. But once you move to the rails and funboxes in the park you may want to level up a bit with a more sturdy plastic caps and thicker padding.

Planning on going down the vert or dive into the scary bowl, then get the anatomically shaped pads that are directed towards the vert and come with extra padding, for when you dig your knees into the ground.

The wrist guards, just like the elbow pads, save you the rashes and the bloody scratches. It is nice to be able to lift your fork at dinner, after all, so get them arms and hands protected as well. The wrist guards are particularly good for beginners who tend to use their wrists too much when falling until they get the right technique.

A bit of extra something

Even your closest mates won't be able to spot that one - the crash pants. They add a layer of protection to your thighs and the tailbone which suffers quite a lot when you land on your bottom.

We got all the gear in stock, so no excuse! Use protection and skate longer!

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