New sick signature decks from Lucky

It’s been a long wait but the new Luis Guerra and Cody Flom Signature decks are finally here, and we are totally blown away by the result.

We felt like kids unwrapping their presents at Christmas when we opened the boxes, to take a look at some of the highly anticipated decks from Lucky.

First up there is the EVO Luis Guerra signature deck, with some very personal graphics. With it’s 5” width, 22” long and new square shape this scooter is made to shred the street.

And then there’s the Cody Flom Signature, which has gotten a total remake. The deck has a totally new look and Cody himself has made it longer and wider but is still super light, so it's easier to do fast and tricky park tricks.

A street deck with personality

The Luis Guerra Signature Deck itself is based on The EVO, a long and wide deck. Thanks to the two wide grind rails on the bottom, you get a deck that provides you with the optimal control to pull off both grinds or areal maneuvers.

In the front, you'll find blunt plates, so you can make smooth nose blunts. Of course, the deck also have plugs in the end, so you don't have to worry about bending them in when doing tricks like 50 grinds.

Things really get personal with Luis's new Deck. The graphics really reflect his personality and important places in his life.

First off, there’s the skeleton with the long hair - same haircut, same attitude. The waves behind the skull represent Barcelona, where Luis is living, and Havana, where his father is from. Both cities are close to the sea and have proud maritime traditions.

His Cuban roots are represented by the bandana with the Cuban flag. Luis has a rose tattoo on his arm, so of course, there had to be roses on the deck too. The clover…well, it’s a lucky deck.

Get flying like Cody Flom

So what's new about The Lucky Cody Flom Signature Deck V2.0? Let's just say that it has gotten some sweet upgrades compared to Cody’s first Signature deck.

When it comes to the specs, the deck has also gotten some upgrades. Cody has chosen to make longer and wider to fit his size but still keep the weight down.

This means that you get a deck that makes it even easier to make fast whips, kick-less and buttercup combos. In short, this deck is designed to dominate the park.

Cody has kept his deck in a white color to create the perfect canvas for him to boost all the cool art you’ll find on the bottom of the deck. Furthermore, the artist Connor Schattenkerk has turned Cody into a true cartoon superhero.

The sides are decorated with Cody’s favorite bible quote, the 1 Corinthians 15:50, which constantly reminds and motivates him to do his best.

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